Idol Lash Review – Rated the Top Lash Conditioner

Working in a beauty salon I am exposed to several different beauty products constantly. For quite some time I had been hearing about some products that could cause your silk fur lashes to grow longer. People were calling these products lash conditioners, and one brand was being mentioned quite a bit in our shop, Idol Lash.Aoive

silk fur lashes
silk fur lashes

My clients would ask me what I knew about the product. Having never tried the product nor met anyone who has there was nothing I could really tell them. That changed about four months ago when a client that I had been seeing for three years came in so excited about the results that she got from the product. Looking into her eyes I must say I was impressed at her natural silk fur lashes.

So with that new found experience I decided to place an order so I could provide first-hand knowledge to my customers and to the readers of my blog.

Finding them is not that hard as they are very popular today. I did a little bit of research before hand to see if I could find any negative comments, I tried but I could not. So I headed straight to the official company website.

Their website is easy to navigate, and easy to find any information regarding their product or the order process prior to you actually placing your order. I went straight to the clinical study page to review the findings of their tests. I must say I was rather impressed with data that they presented. What I saw coincided with what my client had told me a few days prior. I saw that their product was clinically proven to increase density and to increase the length of your natural silk fur lashes.

After that I went into their FAQ section which once again was very comprehensive in the information they provide. They are straightforward in answering just about any question you would have about their product. I was really impressed with the fact that in this section it was clear that their product came with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee or your money back. This made me comfortable in knowing that if I did not like their product or it did not work I had nothing to lose.

I placed the order and delivery was rather quick, in six days it was at our house. Included in the box was a coupon that I was not expecting, it was a welcome surprise. The coupon allows me to receive unlimited refills of Idol Lash for under $15 a month.

Using is pretty straightforward, he put it on at night after you’ve taken off your makeup. It goes on just like you would apply in eyeliner. You treat both the upper and the lower silk fur lashes. And that’s it, the rest is just time and repeating each day.

silk fur lashes
silk fur lashes

Just like the data in all of the other reviews that I saw by two weeks I can see a definite change in the length of my silk fur lashes. After four weeks of use but there was an amazing difference in my eyelashes from before. I must say that Idol Lash truly does live up to its promise of being able to grow your silk fur lashes. Now when anyone asks me what do I know about a lash conditioner I just tell them to look in my eyes and they will see the results.


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