Personal Color Analysis – Sex and The City Inspired Makeup

The following makeup application will give you a light, neutral, bronzy glow. Charlotte, of Sex & The City wears this look. To find your best cosmetic colors to wear for this look you would do well to have a personal color analysis done.Aoive

best soft style 3d mink lashes
best soft style 3d mink lashes

Step 1: To Begin

First apply skin cream all over the face. This will create a nice smooth foundation.

Step 2: Apply Bronzer

Apply a little bronzer, in a swirling motion, to the apples of your cheeks.

Step 3: Apply Blush

Select a coral color of blush. There should be specific coral shades that are exactly right for you in your personal color analysis palette.

Apply it just to the highest area of the cheeks.

Step 4: Apply Light Base

Smooth on a thin coating of a very light colored concealer all over the eye lid and upwards to the brow.

Step 5: Apply Eye Shadow

Select a coral or brown eye shadow. No bright colors.

Lightly brush on the eye shadow from the lash line upwards to the crease. Blend the color in a little.

Step 6: Apply Eyeliner

Select a super-soft black eyeliner pencil.

Apply the eyeliner to the base of the lashes. You do not want to draw a line above the lashes. Rather, smudge it into the spaces between the eyelashes. You’re aiming for a gentle, light look. Just tease the liner a little.

Place a tiny little tick at the outter edges of the lashes.

In a similar manner, apply eyeliner to the base of the lower lashes.

Step 7: Lip Gloss

Select a soft, glossy lip shine in a color that is compatible with the coral eye shadow you selected. A peachy-brown would be nice.

best soft style 3d mink lashes
best soft style 3d mink lashes

Now, take a darker version of that coral shade and apply just a little on top of the first lip gloss.

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