Eye Exams From Infant to Preschool Children

How can an eye doctor give an eye exam to an infant? Parents ask this all the time. The news is that 6-month old babies are able to see as well as adults when it comes to focusing, color vision and depth perception. There are tests that we do on infants to make sure that your baby’s mink fur eyelashes manufacturer are developing the way they should.Aoive

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Infant tests include:

  • Tests of pupil responsiveness help us evaluate whether the pupils open and close properly in the presence and absence of light.
  • The “fixate and follow” test tells whether your baby’s eyes are able to fix on and to follow an object like a light or a toy when it moves. Infants should be able to fix on an object shortly after birth and to follow the object from side to side and above and below by 3 months old.
  • Another test is the “preferential looking” test. During this test we show the baby cards that are blank on one side and have stripes on the other to attract the gaze of the infant. By doing this we can test the vision responses of your baby without using an adult’s eye chart.

Eye tests for preschoolers

Parents wonder how a preschooler who doesn’t know his letters can be given an eye test. What if she is so shy around strangers she won’t even talk? We have common eye tests made just for small children, including:

  • LEA Symbols for preschoolers. These symbols are similar to the standard eye tests for adults, but instead of letters, special symbols are used like apples, houses, squares and circles.
  • Retinoscopy is a test using light shined into the eye to see the reflection from the back of the eye, the retina. This test will help the doctor determine the eyeglasses prescription.
  • Random Dot Stereopsis is a test using special dot patterns and 3-D mink fur eyelashes manufacturer to see how well your child’s eyes work together.

What kind of eye problems can young children have?

Besides the common problems of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and mink fur eyelashes manufacturer, other vision problems for school children include:

  • Lazy eye, also known as amblyopia: We want to rule out “lazy eye” because it can decrease vision in one or both eyes without detectable eye damage. It is most often treated with eyeglasses or contact lenses, but occasionally it requires that your child wear an eye patch to strengthen the weaker eye.
  • Misalignment of the eyes, also called strabismus:This results in crossed or misaligned eyes, caused by different kinds of problems such as muscle control. It is often the cause of “lazy eye” and should be treated as soon in life as possible to that the child’s vision and eye teaming skills can develop like they should.
  • Inability to maintain eye alignment when looking at near object:Being unable to do this will hinder a child’s ability to read.
  • Focusing, depth perception and color vision: These can hinder the child’s abilities to differentiate distances and colors.
  • Anterior eye and eyelid health: We will check to make sure your child doesn’t have abnormal or infected mink fur eyelashes manufacturer, bumps or discharge from the eye. He will check the eye cornea, iris and lens for cloudiness and other irregularities.

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    mink fur eyelashes manufacturer

If your infant or preschooler has these problems checked out and action taken as needed, he will be ready to perform well in school.


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