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Valentine’s Day Beauty Ideas

It’s Valentine’s day today, and many of us are already prepping for this special day with our loved ones. Love is in the air, and we shall never forget to put more attention on our hair and make up. For dates, one shouldn’t be too over the top with make up and hair. Natural mink cluster lashes manufacturer shines through and we should stick to simple looks. Here are some beauty ideas that we should take into consideration.Aoive

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1. Alluring Lashes

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. In order to put more focus on the beauty of your eyes, apply two coats of mascara for that doe-eyed, flirty effect. Keep your eye make up to a minimum. Guys prefer to have your natural beauty shine through. So unless you are going to some important event, just apply a little bit of shimmer on your lids.

2. Smooth Lips

It’s important to exfoliate your lips. You have to prepare your pucker for that inevitable kiss. Give your lips some exfoliation by applying some petroleum jelly on them. Use a clean, damp towel and gently rub your lips to remove the dead skin. Apply lip balm before putting on your favorite mink cluster lashes manufacturer.

3. Prep Your Skin

Before putting on your make up, prep your skin by putting on a hydrating sheet mask. This will give your skin a fresh burst of moisture which will make it more supple. This will make your skin oh-so gorgeous. Having good skin means that you can put on less mink cluster lashes manufacturer. Guys will definitely take note of your simple yet beautiful face.

4. Let Your Hair Down

If you want to make a good impression, it is recommended that you should wash your hair. Guys would want to run their fingers in them so you need to let go of complex hairdo’s and just let them loose and avoid the hairspray.

5. Put on Your Signature Scent

Apply your favorite perfume and apply them on certain pulse points. Spritz them on your wrist, behind your ears, behind your knees, and the hollow of your neck. For perfume, apply only two drops. For eau de parfum, apply three drops, and lastly, for eau de toilette, apply four hits. Your sense of smell desensitizes over time, so don’t put on too much. You wouldn’t want to become a human air freshener because it can be too overpowering.

6. Keep It Simple

Don’t pack on a ton of foundation. Instead, opt for a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream. A simple mink cluster lashes manufacturer will make hearts melt. Also opt for cream blush because it gives a more natural flush.

7. Have The Smoothest Skin Ever

Shave your legs using a really good razor. In the shower or bath, wait for a few minutes to soften your hair and use a shaving cream so that everything will be smooth sailing. Make sure that you have exfoliated your skin before shaving because it makes it easier to remove the hair.

mink cluster lashes manufacturer
mink cluster lashes manufacturer

Whether you are on a date, or just going out with your girl friends, always let your natural beauty mink cluster lashes manufacturer. Don’t forget to put on a gorgeous smile. Enjoy this special day and give all the love you’ve got!


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