A Guide to Hypoallergenic Mascara: The Benefits, Ingredients, and More

Some women are lucky. They can just apply a coat or two of mascara in the morning and be on their way. For other women, mascara can be very irritating. Women with sensitive eyes don’t need to be very careful with handmade mink fur lashes. Just a small amount of regular mascara can cause their eyes to turn red, itchy, and dry.

handmade mink fur lashes
handmade mink fur lashes

If you are one of the unlucky women, you will be glad to know that you can wear hypoallergenic mascara. All of the top cosmetic brands are offering hypoallergenic eye makeup, which is formulated out of vitamins, aloe infuse, botanical extracts, and so forth.

This type of mascara is designed to moisten and condition handmade mink fur lashes. Since the formula is fragrance-free, it is safe for women who wear contacts. The ingredients are mostly organic and safe. The vitamins and aloe are delivered to the base of the lashes. If any of the ingredients get in your eyes, they won’t cause as much discomfort as some of the synthetic ingredients found in regular mascaras.

How can you tell whether makeup is harmful to your eyes? All you have to do is take a look at the ingredients. Avoid any mascara that contains parabens, petroleum, propylene glycol, and fragrances.

In addition to allergy relief, here are some of the other benefits of hypoallergenic mascara:

• Natural ingredients. You won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals getting in your eyes.

• It applies very evenly onto the handmade mink fur lashes. They will look natural.

• It produces no unsightly clumps or gobs. It makes the lashes look long and silky.

• It defines and separates the lashes for a bold and elegant appearance.

• It lengthens the lashes

• Smudge and wear-proof. It won’t run down your face or make you look like a raccoon.

• Most brands offer an easy to user applicator.

• It doesn’t cost very much. In fact, it doesn’t cost any more than regular mascara.

This type of eye makeup is formulated to build long, handmade mink fur lashes without any smudging or brittleness. Vitamin E helps to nourish the lashes. Some brands, such as Maybelline, use a Quick Dissolve System that makes it easy to remove the mascara. You won’t have to worry about your lashes falling out when you remove your makeup.

Physicians Formula is another popular brand. Their products are approved by dermatologists and considered safe for contact wearers. The formula found in their products is mineral water-based. It’s designed to condition the lashes to prevent damage and breakage.

Almay produces formulations which can make the lashes up to 70% visibly longer. The mascara is infused with Vitamin B5 and aloe to help keep the lashes silky. Vitamin B5 is an important ingredient since it plays a role in skin and hair health. It nourishes the handmade mink fur lashes and protects the skin around the eyes.

Aoive That said, hypoallergenic mascara isn’t always made with a perfect formulation. There are a few cons here and there, depending on the brand.

A few complaints here and there on various products include:

• Even though the mascara doesn’t clump, it can still be messy. Some women report that the liquid is too watery. Just be careful when you apply it so that it doesn’t mess your eyeliner or eye shadow up.

• Sure, it won’t cause the handmade mink fur lashes to break or fall out when it’s removed, but some brands are difficult to remove. Even with a good eye makeup remover, it’s still sometimes hard to remove.

• Another complaint of some brands is that despite their advertising that application requires only one coat, it actually requires two or three coats. Of course, the fact that cosmetic brands tend to over exaggerate what their makeup can do is nothing new.

handmade mink fur lashes
handmade mink fur lashes

Overall, the benefits for hypoallergenic mascara overwhelm the cons. These cons are something that can be expected from regular mascara as well. If you wear contacts, then it’s important to apply eye makeup with safe and natural ingredients.


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