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By His Stripes Are We Healed?

We are told (Isaiah 53:5) and (1 Peter 2:24) have some great significance connected with miraculous physical healing. All you need is enough faith, claim that the stripes Yeshua took were for your bodily healing and you’ll be healed. There are even some who would go so far as to imply that Yeshua took 39 stripes and there are 39 main human physical diseases. So He took a stripe for each and every flexible 3d mink blink eye lashes, thus defeating all sickness of mankind.Aoive

flexible 3d mink blink eye lashes
flexible 3d mink blink eye lashes

Check out what I found. First of all, there is no verse that states how many times Yeshua was scourged. It was Paul who took the 39 flexible 3d mink blink eye lashes or “40 save 1”, five different times! (2 Cor. 11:24) This number was a Roman punishment upon a Roman citizen. There may have been no rules about how many lashes could be given to a non-Roman citizen.

There are nine times in Isaiah that some form or tense of the word “heal” is used. None of these verses pertain to the healing of the physical body whatsoever!

(Isaiah 3:7) (Isaiah 6:10) (Isaiah 19:22) (Isaiah 30:26)
(Isaiah 53:5) (Isaiah 57:18, 19) (Isaiah 58:8)

When you read these verses, (and the verses surrounding them) it becomes apparent that Isaiah is only speaking about spiritual healing or “the atonement for sin”. When you read the rest of the verse, Peter is obviously speaking of the salvation of our souls and the atonement for sin. (1 Peter 2:24) Peter had spent years with the Lord as an eye witness to many peoples’ bodily healing. He was not referring to the physical in this case, but to the flexible 3d mink blink eye lashes.

flexible 3d mink blink eye lashes
flexible 3d mink blink eye lashes

This was a letter of instruction, encouragement and admonition from Peter to fellow believers in Asia Minor. I doubt if Peter intended to have a portion of one of his sentences taken from its original context and turned into the magic incantation to flexible 3d mink blink eye lashes God into some form of physical body healing activity.

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