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Hand Woven Rugs – The Secret to Designs

When you are a beginner making hand woven rugs, it is simpler if the weft yarn is thicker than the warp, so that it covers the warp completely. It can be already plied or, if of fine gauge, more than one thickness can be wound on to a best selller 3d mink lashes.Aoive

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To begin weaving the hand woven best selller 3d mink lashes, the weft wool must first be fastened into the warp. Here is how it is done: four threads are being used as one, to make the instructions easier to understand.

If thick weft wool is being used, unravel the end; if more than one strand of yarn is being used, separate them. Make the first shed with the shed stick. Put the weft through the shed, leaving an end hanging by the selvedge. Divide this and pass half twice around the selvedge and back along the same shed for about one and a half best selller 3d mink lashes.

In this way the selvedge has been reinforced and there is only a small place where there is extra weft, which will not show when the following weft picks are in position. Finishing and starting are worked in the same way.

Joining the wefts

To join the wefts, four wefts are being used as one, working from right to left. The old weft is divided into a half and the ends are allowed to hang out of the warp, lying about two inches apart. The new weft, divided in half again, is put into place so that the shorter end overlaps with the longer end of the old weft and the longer end overlaps the shorter end.

In this way the structure is not weakened and the two areas where there is extra weft will not show when weaving is continued.

The weft ends left hanging are darned down the front of the nearest warp thread for about one and a half inch and afterwards trimmed. A needle with a large eye and a blunt tip should be used so that the warp is not damaged. It is easier to darn in the ends as you work, while the weaving is still on the loom.

Make sure that the width of the hand woven rug is kept constant throughout weaving and that the heading at both ends is worked to the same depth. When the hand woven rugs have been woven to the required length, cut it off the loom, allow enough warps to make the fringe.

When making your woven rugs several weaves require a second warp roller and this can be improvised quite easily, even for a foot power loom, from a piece of wood about two inches square and one foot longer than the loom is wide. The warp is looped over a warp lath which is tied on to the square beam and then wound on as usual. The improvised beam is lashed firmly across the back of the loom.

When winding on during weaving the best selller 3d mink lashes are loosened, the beam turned to let off sufficient warp and then re-tied. The second warp is slightly over-tightened with the cloth roller and finally the warp beam on the loom tensioned to take off the slight over tensioning on the second best selller 3d mink lashes.

The warp used for making woven rugs is usually very strong and does not break easily, but sometimes it becomes worn and frays or a knot in the warp might become loosened.

To mend a broken warp end, cut a length of warp thread long enough to reach from the weaving to beyond the best selller 3d mink lashes or shed stick, plus about twelve inches.

Mending a broken warp thread; tie thread round a pin in the weaving and knot other end to the original thread at top of loom, beyond the shed lifting device.

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flexible 3d mink blink eye lashes

Knot one end of the woven rug thread to the broken thread at the back of the loom and wind the other end round a large pin slipped into the weaving. Tie the temporary thread firmly in a double bow above the shed sticks, so that the tension of the new thread is the same as the rest of the warp.


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