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A Beginners Practical Guide to Applying Mascara

Mascara is a cosmetic used to darken, lighten or color eye lashes. It may also be used to thicken, lengthen and define the lashes. Mascara does not merely thicken and curl lashes but it also focuses on highlighting the natural beauty of eyes.Aoive

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Applying Mascara is not easy but once one gets into the habit of applying, it becomes a pretty straight forward process. It is usually applied on eye lashes after completing eye make-up. The lashes should be clean and dry before application. The process could be started by initially curling the lashes as it prevents clumping. Moving from the inside of the eye to the outside and stroking the Mascara wand gently over the upper lashes gives the right effect.

Thick clumpy spider like lashes may be the result of incorrect application. Following certain processes before application creates a more intense impact. Initially the Mascara wand is wiggled from left to right at the base of the lashes. When applied at the root of lashes it gives the illusion of length. The wand is initially pulled up through the lashes wiggling slowly to separate lashes for a better appearance.

During the final application the eyes should be closed while the wand is placed on top of the lashes at the base of the eye and pulled downward to remove any clumps. The lash combs are also helpful in getting rid of these clumps and keeps the lashes perfectly separated.

After applying Mascara at the lash base, the lash comb is wiggled through the tips of the lashes. The excess Mascara is removed by the wand. It is advisable to wipe wand on tissue as it eliminates blobs. For best results, a clean and fresh Mascara wand should be swept through the wet lashes. Make-up artists use one coat for lengthening and another coat for thickening the eye lashes.

Basic Mascara rules are simple. Black generally suits everyone but on light skinned blondes, black Mascara does not look appropriate. Usually blondes opt for brown / black by day and reserve black for night. Blue Mascara looks great and brightens blue eyes while purple Mascara highlights brown eyed persons. As curled lashes make eyes look wider and brighter, Mascara wand when warmed for three to five seconds can be used for curling lashes. Even after the application of Mascara, the lashes can be curled but the results are not always very effective.

Prior to its application, powdering under the eye helps as it prevents Mascara smudges. Zigzagging Mascara wand back and forth during application helps in eliminating blobs and clumps. For a dramatic look, the Mascara should be applied only on the upper lashes. But to make the eyes appear wider, it is advisable to apply on the bottom lashes as well. For applying Mascara on the lower lashes, a light touch is required, while keeping a tissue under the eye also helps. To get a better effect applying a primer coat on the lashes keeps them separated. But prior to the second coat, the first coat of mascara should be dried thoroughly else clumps may form.

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For a smudge proof application the mascara wand should be slightly bent and the applicant should not blink for few seconds after application. For lengthening the lashes the Mascara wands have dense bristles which ensure a thicker amount of Mascara on the tips. The applicators use a longer wand for a more even application. The non smudging waterproof Mascara contains special synthetic formula which repels moisture, but using such type frequently is harsh on the eyelashes.

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