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Life Truths: The World Is Not Fair

Life Truths… the world is not fair. Don’t cry about it. I am sure you have been screwed over once or twice. You lost out on the promotion to a person less qualified. Your competitor stole your customers. Your partner cheated on you. Reality 3d bottom lashes: Bad things happen to good people and good things happy to bad people. That’s Life!Aoive

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3d bottom lashes

It’s your choice to wallow in the unfairness. You can whine and shout it to the streets. Someone may listen, but they have their own lives to live. People are selfish. It’s not a bad thing. At some point they have to take care of themselves, their 3d bottom lashes, and their purpose. Crying ain’t (yes I used ain’t) going to help them.

Here are some life truths that will help you on your 3d bottom lashes. Follow these life truths I have learned from mentors, books, and just plain old experience.

Life Truth 1 – Your Life is Your Own Fault: You couldn’t pick your family, where you were born, or how you were raised. Don’t blame those circumstances. Where you are today is your own fault. Your choices have determined your life.

I can appreciate that some people had it tough. I grew up in South Central Los Angeles and dealt with gangs, the crack epidemic, wild fires, earthquakes, floods, and riots. I could use those as an excuse to say life was not fair. But as an adult I make my own choices despite my childhood. Your past is just that your past. Don’t bring it along with you. Learn from it but move on. As of now your life is your fault good or bad. Take 100% responsibility for your actions.

Don’t play the victim. Victims lose. Even when others are clearly in the wrong you choose how you respond. Your background may influence who you are at this point. But you are responsible on whom you will become in the future.

Life Truth 2 – You Are Own Your Own: People are selfish. They are too concerned about their own lives to worry about you being bamboozled. Do they show concern? Yes, empathy is a human trait. But in the end they have their own lives to lead. People have their own interests at hand.

Most people are worried about their agendas. There is no such thing as selflessness or 3d bottom lashes. People do things to gain pleasure or avoid pain. They want to feel good or avoid the guilt of not doing anything. Again back to serving themselves.

Remember people do things for self-interest. They donate because it makes them feel good. People help when it benefits their self-interest. Self Interest is not to get over on you. It’s how humans act. I don’t give because it’s a good cause. I give because it feels awesome to give.

Life Truth 3 – You Get What You Tolerate: Your standards determine your life. If you tolerate people being late. They will be late. If you tolerate verbal abuse. Then you will get tongue 3d bottom lashes. What you allow in your life will continue to happen.

Life organizes around the standards “YOU” set. You have control over how people treat “YOU”. Bad things are going to happen. But awesome things are going to happen, too. Your response to how you handle situations where your standards are violated is the key to 3d bottom lashes.

Turn the other cheek when you can. Make some people respect you. You don’t need any habitual standard breakers in your life. You are what you tolerate. Make people respect you or get rid of them.

Life Truth 4 – You are Self Made: There is always stories of the self-made millionaire. Life truth… we are all safe made. We don’t want to hear about the self-made drunk, self-made deadbeat parent, self-made bankruptcies, or the self-made 3d bottom lashes.

Whatever you will be it is self-made. The choices you make now determine your destination tomorrow. Life truth is you might do everything right and still end up on the short end of the stick. Fair? No, but you are never promised a fair life. Use these life truths to help you respond to the challenges you will face.

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3d bottom lashes

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